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Updated: Aug 16, 2020

So its approaching winter in Australia and it is now I try and amp up my skincare routine as I feel like my skin changes the most this time of year. Where I live the weather has harsh extremes and is unpredictable, especially with shift work I have to be careful with my skin and love it more this time of year. I stock up on different masks, focusing on hydration. I also typically add another hydrating serum into my routine. If I do this in the warmer months I just end up being an oily mess (I have combination skin). So what’s in your skin care routine at the moment? Do you have any skin issues that you’d like to get on top of? Consulting a great aesthetician is the best way to ensure you’re getting the right stuff for your skin. Now I know makeup but I don’t profess to be a skin care genius, but I definitely listen to the information provided to me by my skin fairies. People often neglect their skin and expect their makeup to look flawless, those two just don’t go together. Be kind to your skin inside and out, keep hydrated. Pamper yourself. Give your makeup artist the best canvas to work their magic on.


  • Drink plenty of water!

  • Carry lip balm / treatment with you in the harsh weather

  • Always remove makeup before bed

  • Treat yourself to a facial during the winter months

  • Keep your skin care regime regular

  • Eat good "real" food

  • Remember your SPF even in colder months you can still get done by harsh UV!

Your skin can survive winter :) Maria Xx

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