Spring into Spring!

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Do you need an extra spring in your step to get into gear for the warmer weather? I find I tend to hibernate in winter a little and get a bit complacent with my routines in general, skin, food, gym - whatever it is - I love spring as it completely resets my routine and gets me back in the game to complete the rest of the year strong. Things that help are shopping for some fresh clothes that don't break the bank - a few new makeup items - a pamper night - a yoga class - a visit to Kikki-K for new stationary/diary (my secret addiction) - a facial - and a good old spring clean. These things are sooooo good to help kick me back into normal gear.

If you feel like you need something similar - get in touch with me as I can help with a few of these things - I love treating my clients to complimentary 30 Luxury Facials when I have time! These are subject to my crazy shift work schedule and Arbonne related workshop presentations but I always have time for my lovely clients somewhere in my crazy week! Call me on 0419 346 084 or message me on Face Book to book in your complimentary facial appointment. As for pamper nights, Arbonne has a gorgeous spa range called Rescue and Renew (also available for my clients to smell when you come in for your facial) They are simply stunning to have in the bathroom for those nights with a glass of red and candle and a bit of music in a warm bath.

Visit the range here:,222.aspx?itemsperpage=24

Keep Smiling Makeup First Aiders

Maria xXx

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